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WEE WORK: Potty Training Tips

For the sake of your flooring, potty training is one of the most important things you can teach your dog. Here are a few thoughts on how to make it happen.


Here’s a general rule: one hour for every month of age, plus one. Larger dogs can last longer, smaller ones less time. Here’s a less official rule: your puppy can hold their bladder right up until you turn your back.


A pup who knows he’s going out soon is more likely to hold his bladder. That means the easiest way to help your dog pee in the right place is to take him out every few hours, starting at two hours and rising as he ages. Got a baby? You do now! You’ll need to take your pup out every few hours in the night, too, for the first couple of months. Crate training can help contain night-time accidents.


Swallow your pride: sing, dance, prance and praise when your pup poops and pees in the right place. Give them a treat. Tell them they’re the best dog in the world. Lend them your credit card. Just let them know they did good, so they’ll want to do it again.


Some dogs like to have a spot. You know, a perfect place with a great view, decent reading material and a tall lamp post. If you’ve got one of these pooches, you’re in luck. Just take them to their special spot on the regular and reward them for doing their thing. When it comes to cleaning an indoor oopsie, use an odor-blocking cleaner like Simple Solution. It stops your dog from smelling their urine and thinking that area is a designated “pee place”.


Don’t worry, and don’t be angry with your dog. Just clean it up, take them outside to pee, and understand that they’ll get the hang of it in the end. It can take several months before a puppy is fully house trained.


Don’t be THAT guy. Pick that poop up and put it in the trash. Hopefully, it’s not too far away, so you’re not carrying a heavy baggy for your entire walk.

The Fun Side of Healthy

Our Dog & Cat Blog

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