Deliciously Healthy Pet Treats

You and your pet are the perfect pairing. And it's this relationship that has inspired Fruitables® to find that perfect pairing in "pet-treat" form. We use real fruits, vegetables and proteins to create a mashup of delicious and healthy. Find your new favorite fun-tastic flavors today!

Image of Happy Dog "Flavors & Textures for your unique pup. Full of Superfoods. I give it 5 Paws."
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Fruitables® Spreads

Spoonable, Spreadable, Bakeable – Fruitables Spreads are the 100% naturally creamy treat dogs love. Made with HUMAN-GRADE ingredients right here in the USA, our Spreads recipe includes REAL nuts and fruit – enjoy endless doggie-and-me-fun with Fruitables Spreads!

Fruitables Baked Treats for Dogs

Both delicious and nutritious and with a satisfying crunch, your pup will sit, stay and shake just to get a whiff of that baked Fruitables® goodness.

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15K Total 5 Star
Deliciously Healthy Skinny Minis®

For the pup doing its darndest but may have you saying, "Darn it", these low calorie treats are perfect for training. Plus they're soft, grain-free and come in a variety of delicious flavors.

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12K Total 5 Star
Fruitables® Smoothie-Licious Yogos

Yogo = You Only Give Once, or twice, or whatever you deem appropriate. These roll ups are sure to tickle their taste buds with real yogurt and fruit. They're also free of grains, wheat, corn and soy protein.

167 Total 5 Star
Bigger Size, More Fruitables to Love!

2x larger than our original Baked Treats, Fruitables® Biggies™ are bigger, bolder and available in mouth-watering flavor mashups with the crunchy texture dogs love.

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Treat your cats to premium snacks without the icky stuff. Fruitables' protein + superfood cat treats are crunchable, munchable and available in three tantalizing flavors: Salmon Cranberry, Chicken Blueberry and Tuna Pumpkin! Click the link to explore more.

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The Purrfect Couple Nutritious and Delicious: Officially an Item

Not just a snack. Delicious is finally taking this nutrition thing seriously, and the result is a pet treat you can feel good about.

Mouthwatering Flavors

Delicious Flavor Mashups that Smell Amazing!

Numerous Nutrients

Made with Real Ingredients. No Artificial Colors or Flavors.

Love Baked In

Great for Training and Showing Your Pet Affection.

The Perfect Pairing

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Fruitables® Fun

Flavor Match Quiz

Which Fruitables® Pet Treat Fits Your Dog or Cat's Personality? Take our short quiz to find out!

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Also Available for Cats

Fruitables Cat Treats

At Fruitables®, cats never have our tongue. In fact, it’s precisely the other way around. Our deliciously healthy treats made with savory protein flavors and the goodness of nutrient-rich superfoods will have them licking their paws and purring for more.