Frequently Asked Questions

Can My Dog Eat Pumpkin?

Yes dogs can eat pumpkin!  Pumpkin is a great nutritious additive for your dog.  Because pumpkin is rich in soluble and insoluble fiber, it is excellent at supporting your dog’s digestive system.  It also contains key vitamins and minerals like vitamins A, E, and C and potassium. For more information on pumpkin for dogs, check out our blog!

Will Pumpkin Help with Dog Diarrhea?

Pumpkin can be a helpful tool to fight diarrhea in dogs.  The mix of soluble and insoluble fiber in pumpkin works to help absorb water in your dogs stool.  Fiber can also act as a prebiotic to encourage growth of helpful bacteria in the intestines.  However, you should continue monitor your dog to make sure that the diarrhea is just an upset stomach and not a sign of something more serious.  

Can Dog’s Eat Sweet Potatos?

Yes they can!  Dog’s derive similar benefits from sweet potatoes as humans do.  Sweet potatoes are an excellent source of fiber as well as vitamins A, B6, C, calcium, potassium, and iron. For more information on sweet potatoes and the nutritional benefits of other superfoods for dogs, check out our superfoods nutrition page.

Why Should My Dog Have Superfoods?

Superfoods are just as good for your dog as they are for you.  With benefits ranging from fiber content to important vitamins and minerals, feeding superfoods is a great way to make sure your dog stays healthy.  Plus, many dogs simply love the taste! Click the link for more information on the benefits of fruits and vegetables for dogs

What does made in the USA with globally sourced ingredients mean?

We proudly bake Fruitables® in the USA with the finest globally sourced ingredients (because bananas aren't grown in Nebraska). Our intention is to source high quality ingredients for all our products.  We work with suppliers across the globe to source the best ingredients we can throughout the year to consistently provide high quality products for your pet.  Because our ingredient sourcing can change depending on availability, season, etc. we are unable to provide sourcing details at the ingredient level.  However, please be assured that we take great care in selecting partners that share our mission to provide the very best for pets and pet parents.

How many Fruitables Treats can I feed my dog or cat per day?

You’ll want to adhere to the 10% rule which states that treats should make up no more than 10% of your dogs daily caloric intake. Click the link to learn more about Fruitables' nutrition.

Are Fruitables treats cruelty-free?

Animals and their care are always at the heart of what we do.  Our products are developed in a safe and responsible manner to ensure they meet the needs of the animals we serve. We do not test our products in a way that would bring harm to them. At Fruitables, we are pet people too, and we live that out by providing safe and high-quality products to keep your pets and ours happy and healthy.

When can puppies and kittens starting eating Fruitables?

Puppies and kittens can begin enjoying Fruitables treats after they have been started on solid food.