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Frozen Dog Treats Recipe: Spreads™ Pup-sicles

fruitables spreads pupsicles recipe


You know the signs… your dog's tongue hanging out, gulps at the water bowl, seemingly endless hours of lounging in the living room… that's right, the dog days of summer are here. Help your best bud beat the heat with this cool, refreshing frozen dog treat recipe from Fruitables featuring new Spreads!

Grab your favorite popsicle mold, Spreads flavor and have fun making the easiest pup-sicle recipe ever (we won't judge if you stick your head in the freezer, too)!


frozen pupsicle


Freezing Instructions

Step 1: Choose Spreads flavor and mold (ice trays work great!)

Step 2: Spoon portions of Spreads into mold and freeze for a minimum of 4 hours

Step 3: Pop frozen treats out of the mold, serve to your dog and let the deliciousness begin!


Tip: Stimulate your dog's mind and taste buds by adding chunks of fresh fruit to Spreads before freezing!

The Fun Side of Healthy

Our Dog & Cat Blog