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SLIM PICKINGS: Benefits of Low Calorie Pet Treats

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Are your pet treats doing more harm than good?

Chew on this: According to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention’s most recent data, 59.5% of cats and 55.8% of dogs are classified as overweight or obese. Couple this with those pleading eyes at the dinner table and human foods that are dangerous for your pet, and you have a minefield for you and your somewhat plump pal to step around.

Let’s defuse this situation.

Luckily, Fruitables® offers a variety of treats without any of those life-threatening side effects (yay us!). Take, for instance, Fruitables® Skinny Minis—a tasty treat for dogs at only 3 calories each. Or, consider our pb n’ joy™ treat, mixing peanut butter with a healthy fruit. Nutritious, delicious, sometimes pumpkin-icious.

Put on your training meals.

With so many options, what does that mean for you and your pet? For starters, it means more treats and more opportunities for training without worrying about high caloric intake. Because only in the pet world does added training coincide with pot bellies.

Add some emphasis.

You also have the ability to “tier” your treats to emphasize a particular behavior—such as potty training or helping your sports team win a volleyball tournament (this is totally not an Air Bud: Spikes Back reference). Just remember to save those high value treats for the times your pet comes home with an A+ on their homework and use lower value treats for less commendable achievements, like going potty on your neighbor’s petunias.

Treat with care.

With all this in mind, it’s important to follow the 10% rule, meaning treats should only make up 10% of your pet’s diet at most. This ensures treats stay tasty reinforcements and not…dinner.

If you’d like to learn more about pet health, consider reading our article on preventing canine obesity found here.

The Fun Side of Healthy

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